An Introduction & Kingdoms

Hey there! I'm Sophia, otherwise known as Dapirate. I've been DMing RPGs for about eight years now (good luck getting me to be a player, YUCK). I've also spent years now hacking, designing, and smashing together settings and systems. But that didn't really take off until about two years ago when I found out about the OSR scene and it's stupendous amount of room for creative experiments.

In fact, I spent almost a year molding out a huge ass system that makes me cringe thinking about it (it had like 36 classes or something dumb, bloat anyone?). I even got it printed and carried it around in a custom suitcase like a True Dungeon Master.

After that I would make another dozen experimental systems, getting weirder and weirder with each playtest. Until finally, a weird ass concept dawned on me as I started a new Jojo season. Generational evolution? Smash that into Dark Soul's setting, plug in Monster Hunter battles, and slip in some sprinkles of the 4X game genre, and my ambition was birthed.

Built in the span of a week, I hopped straight into playtesting it upon my innocent players. They loved it, going as far as making an entire language from scratch for their young society. Thats when the potential revealed itself. This is something new, exciting, epic. And thus the Kickstarter was born.
So lets talk about some mechanics.

An equipment card used in my current
campaign. Super draft, don't take

Kingdoms runs off of three stats: STR, DEX, and WIL. These stats exist for two sole purposes:
  • As  pools of resources to be spent, STR for health, DEX for fatigue and special weapon attacks, and WIL for sanity.
  • As saves used to defend against certain attacks.
There are no skill rolls, crafting rolls, or anything else of the sort in Kingdoms. If your character has the knowledge and background to do something, he can. A DM may roll a die or flip a coin for lucks sake, but otherwise, outside of combat, characters rely on roleplaying. This may seem simplistic, and its deliberately so. Characters must be minimalist so they can be swapped out and replaced with their heirs the next session.

On the topic of growing old and being replaced, there are five distinct life stages in Kingdoms. Infant, child, young adult, adult, and elder. These each have effects on your stats, slowly growing then deteriorating, as all things do. But fear not, breeding is as simple as a couple dice rolls.

Alot of this is inspired and molded by Chris MCDowall's Into the Odd, the beautiful combat of Kngdom Death Monster, and the world of Mork Borg.

But this is just the start, in the future I plan to detail the city building, monster hunting, the Dark, divinity, and traits systems. For now, this teaser at the book will have to do.

Thanks for showing up, and remember,


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