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Kickstarter Vibes & Traits

Jesus Christ, so its been a crazy week. Last post was right before the Kickstarter was launched and wow, what an insane response. Funded in under four hours, new stretch goals knocked out each day, I seriously have been in a state of shock. So where should I begin?

One thing I didn't really expect was the SPEED of everything to happen. I thought I would launch, have to update it like once a week, and move on my merry way working on the zine. But instead, each goal we hit adds an additional workload to get done, as well as cranking out a new update every day. It's a good thing I quit bartending so I can get this zine out because if I had to work at a crappy theater bar every night, I don't know if my sanity could take the Kickstarter on top of that. 
Still, it has been a wonderful time so far, and I have never enjoyed my work more than now. Seeing that people not only like my work, but like it so much that they would help me make it a reality? There's nothing like that …

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