Extra Traits for Kingdoms

It's officially out! Wow! Just because I am done with the base book does not mean I'm done with Kingdoms. Ignoring Gilded Shores, I have a metric ton of extra content I either couldn't fit into the book or didn't have time to entirely flesh out.

I want to try to release a bucket of content on here for Kingdoms every week to keep its lifeblood pumping. Of course, my ability to do so may wane as we look to Gilded Shores next year, but it's worth a try at the least.

So here's the first piece of bonus content, 10 Extra Traits!

Selecting the roster of traits for Kingdoms was honestly one of the hardest processes. Many of my favorites were 'too weird' or out there to be in the base book. I can gain some catharsis in sharing them here. Perhaps someday I will explore more cut traits and make a d100 table. 


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