Ocean Tables, Island Generation, & Weirder Fauna!

 So, I have been dead for a few months working on Kingdoms' 2nd print and coping with life stuff. Now, I have returned with more content drug out of the depths of the abyssal netherworld! These pages are a sneak peek for Gilded Shores, so now you can incorporate some of the newer concepts and mechanics into your adventures with the base book! I'll be showing off more pages from the new zine in the coming months, so keep an eye out! 

Additionally, another version of Kingdoms island generation that I love can be found here by Līber Lūdōrum. You can combine their table with the 'Stanger Sands' to expand the map without getting too weird and wacky in the sea.

I'm excited to post some more Gilded Shores content in the future as I slowly Frankenstein it into something I'm proud of. Expect to see a lot more Game of Thrones-esque political scheming and less Darkness in the Gilded Shores. Anyways, enjoy my ever verbose and violent writing:


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